Windows XP ATM Machine ‘Hacked’ By Pressing Shift 5 Times

Recently, one of the users of Russian blogging platform Habrahabr reports that he was able to gain access to the user interface on the Windows XP operating system that was installed on the ATM machine.

So,we can say that windows xp is outdated operating system having many vurnerability in it.according to him he said that he reported but the team member of the atm company said that he had fixed the problem but after doing it again the russian user said that it was not fixed but what to say .

well when he was calling to agency they were not answering and he was holding and he mistakely pressed 5 times shift and the prompt allowed him to use all the features of windows xp it allowed him to access the menu bar as well as task the context of present scenerio most of the bank uses windows xp for most of the bank and well running but after the problem has arised they told that they will immediatley take the action to solve the problem.

thats why hackers can easily easily reach in other parts of the windows xp and they can modify the booting script.

so,be careful and always try to keep your windows updated and scan with the reputed antivirus.


SO,HOW THAT IT IS HACKED and you need be careful.


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