Top google search engine tricks you must know 2018


google is one of the powerful search engine all over the world but do you know that you can make fun with the help of google .as google is one of the most powerful search engine you can search anything which are on the internet.

in this post i will try to reveal some of the best tricks of google so, lets start:

1.  Atari Breakout:

so,using this trick you can playatari breakout and while playing this i remembered playing atari on my nokia.

so,have you remembered let me know.

2. Set  a Timer Stopwatch:

everybody needs time and time is important then you,by using this trick you can use and use time without going to your application.

3. Flip Coin

using this you can flip acoin and decide head or tail during your match this may be essential but you are not gettig coin so this may be helpful to you.

4. Check Weather

using this function you can check what is my weathers condition so without any hesitation you can search

5. Calculator

are you in hurry and not able to open calculator then this post may help you because this trick opens calculator so these are tricks others you can see in my video too.

watch in my video:

they will be updated…too

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