Introduction: System, Information system

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The term system is derived from Greek wor”systema“, which means place together ie system is an organized relationshi[ among functioning of all units. It is a collection of interrelated components, collaboratively work together for a specific purpose. In terms of computer science, the system is one in which data flows from one person or division to another and it can include communication links to the computer system that generates a periodic report for various users.

Some of the definition of the system is given below:

  1. A system is a collection of elements or components that are organized for a common purpose in order to facilitate the flow of information.
  2. A system can be defined as any set of objects and ideas and their interrelationships, which are ordered to a common goal or purpose.
  3. A system is a set of elements joined together for a common objective.

The system has three basic interacting or interrelating components or functions. These are :


It involves capturing and assembling elements that enter the system to be processed.For example raw materials, energy, data, and human effort must be applied for processing


It involves a transformation process that converts the input into output. An example is a manufacturing process, the human breathing process, or  a mathematical calculation


It involves transferring elements that have been produced by a transformation process to their ultimate destination

Structure of the system composed of the following elements :

  1. Goal setting:

The goal setting defines exactly what the system is supposed to do

       2.System boundary:

The system boundary defines the components that make up the system and scope of the organization.System components exist inside the boundary and environment exist outside the boundary with which system interacts.

3.System Environment:

Anything outside the system boundary is known as the system environment.It defines the factors outsiude the system study that affects systems behaviour.


                               A system can be made up of any number of subsystems.A subsystem is a part of a system.Each subsystem carries out part of the system function and goal.subsystem are important because they can help to handle system’s complexity and thus improve understanding of the system.


                             Feedback is the idea of monitoring the current output of the system and comparing it to the system goal.It can be defined as variations from system goal.Any variations from the goal are adjusted to ensure that it meets the desired goal