Blog optimization in 2019

One of the effective ways to get free, targeted traffic to your blog, is to have a link building strategy. Your goal should be to rank as high as possible in the search engines, especially in Google. Now, you’re probably hurting your blog rankings by having too many links to too many other sites.

Here’s what I mean…

Outbound Links

I see a lot of bloggers using what is called a blogroll, which basically refers to a collection of links to the others blog they like in their niche (especially their friends’ and business partners’).

While this is cool for driving traffic, most people don’t really know the right way to use this tool. By placing these links on every page in the sidebar, header or footer, you are not doing any justice to your entire blog, but dragging it down! Ouch!

Note: Google de-values site-wide links like that. Every link from your page to another site, causes it to lose a little rank. You don’t want that, do you?

If you are using a blogroll, be sure to place it on your Home page only. If you have your friend’s blog link on every page of your blog, you are not helping them in anyway.

To boost your friend’s blog rankings, you could occasionally link to them from some of your posts where relevant as Google values such links highly.

Now the exciting part…

Inbound Links

This is a very important part of your blog linking strategy in order to attract more traffic to your blog. These links are commonly known as backlinks and they are critical for your Search Engine Optimisation plan. In order to increase your blog rankings, you need to have very good backlinks.

So, how do you create backlinks?

Here are the Top strategies to create backlinks for your blog:

1) RSS Feed Submission

Submit your RSS feed to feed directories. Every time you create a post, that feed is going to get pulled and a link will come back to your post. When people click on your blog post title on these sites, they will be redirected to your original blog post – sending you free traffic!

The more RSS directories you submit to, the more links you get!

2) Article Marketing

This is a very effective marketing method if you are using the key article marketing strategies to drive high quality traffic to your site.

Here’s how to get tons of backlinks using this strategy:

Distribute your articles to a number of article directories. You can use submission tools such.
Take advantage of the resource box as this is the only section where you are allowed to put links to your websites. Don’t put too many links and confuse the reader. Most article directories allow up to 3. Link to a relevant post or page on your blog using a relevant keyword.
So, the more articles you write and submit, the more links to your blog you create!

3) Video Marketing

This is very powerful as the search engines love video content and will rank your videos high in the organic (free) results.

Here’s how to take advantage of this strategy to have more inbound links:

Distribute your videos using services for this.
Link from video description back to a relevant post or page on your blog. That will create inbound links and help your blog to get ranked in the search engines.
4) Press Releases

They are also favoured by the search engines and can show up in the organic (free) results depending on the keywords used. They are different from articles which are about opinions and information, as they deliver news of the events taking place.

The key is to write them in such a way that they rank high in the search engines and provide your blog with the much needed good backlinks to help boost the rankings.

5) Social Bookmarking

This is a great way to create quality backlinks from high page rank social bookmarking sites.

You don’t have to use all the sites available on the web, you can just use 5-10 good ones. And it’s important to use appropriate keywords or tags for your bookmarks.

Doing this process manually can be very time consuming. So you need to find a service that allows you to submit your new blog posts to multiple social bookmarking sites across the web at a touch of a button.

6) Blog Comments

This is an effective technique to use in order to get backlinks to your blog using other people’s blogs. While it helps with increasing your chances to get your blog indexed higher in the search engines, it also helps to get traffic back to your blog and potential sales.

7) Forum Posting

This is also an effective way to get loads of free traffic and get high search engine rankings with unlimited backlinks. You will need to place a hyperlink and a little bit of information about your blog in the signature file so that it can show at the bottom of your posts. So, when people click on the hyperlink in your signature, you have effectively generated traffic to your blog.

The key is to post regularly in the forums that interest you and relate to your business, in order to build traffic and create success with this strategy.

Note:You can also use these strategies for whatever website you want to receive high search engine rankings for.