It all happened to us. The ruptures are inevitable and we have to go through them.  If we only remember how the previous break was. We survive and here we are ready to love again, we would not suffer so much.  After a break our self-esteem falls to the floor we women attach much love to beauty. The fact that they leave us or leave us makes us feel worthless.

We fall into depression and sometimes it is hard to get up. Some tricks can make the pain more pleasant our self-esteem is returning to normal. It is not easy, since after a break we do not feel like doing anything we hardly get out of bed.  However, because we do not put a little effort we leave the drama aside and we do some pampering that we need so much?  We help you in the process, with these beauty remedies for a broken heart.


Just the fact of going to the hairdresser and enjoying a hair wash is already satisfactory. Take advantage and remove the tips so that your hair grows stronger.

False Eyelashes:

On the worst days, false eyelashes will be your best ally. If you do not feel like fixing or makeup, when you put your eyelashes, you will look impeccable and you will raise your spirits.

A massage session:

The massages are like the therapy after her you leave more relieved and without the tension that brings you a broken heart.


If you have cried all night, you will wake up and not like what you will see in the mirror. The illuminator is magical it will leave your skin radiant.

Change of look:

The impulse to change the look after a break is instantaneous.  However, many times, our mood influences the choice of color or haircut and we can get to make disasters.  Choose to make some clarity you will be more jovial and radiant.