Basic SEO Everyone Must Know in


Search engine optimization is a critical component in getting more traffic to your website. After publishing an article a couple days or a week, it will proceed with the search engines. The higher the position you have, the more transitions. And to be higher, you need to make a little effort.


1. Keywords in Title Tag
Keywords in the title, one of the most important points to take a good position. You should give careful consideration to the name of your site, walk under the headings of your site, and determine in 4-5 words what your website or blog is About. Then write these words in the TITLE TAG. Do not write in the name of all your TITLE headings, 3-5 words will suffice.

Users are encouraged to use CMS WordPress plugin all-in-one-SEO-pack. With it, you can easily enter the name in the TITLE TAG, and it optimizes the headlines.

2.Optimization of the robots.txt file
The robots.txt file controls what to index and what not. It is recommended to close sections such as wp-admin, wp-content, etc. To have a rough idea of robots.txt look at my robots.txt.

3.Using ALT attributes
This attribute is used to describe the image. Since search engines can not read what is written or drawn on the picture, you should write yourself what is on the picture, 1-2 keywords. Do not misuse, and write something that does not belong to the picture or search engines deem as spam. Remember that a properly optimized image may attract a lot of traffic from the search for the pictures.

Anchor – a reference to the text in the tag <a>, when you refer to a site or on the inside pages. Try to briefly indicate the contents of what is there, or just copy the title of the article. Google treats them as advice, if the link relating to the content.

5. Incoming and outgoing links
Many of you already know that if your site link, it will significantly increase your position in search engines, but may not know that it is important to link with quality sites. Much better to get a reference from high PageRank sites.
With regard to the fact that you refer to other sites, you should make sure that this is not a spam site, Google said that for this you may be punished. Also, search engines do not like sites linking with different niche and links to adult sites.

6.Proper use of header tags
<h1>, <h2> tags, etc., should be used when necessary.

<div> class = “title” </ div> <div> class = “title” </ div>
to highlight the name of a new paragraph.

Here are two tips that are very useful when using a header tag.

Use only one <h1> tag on the page.
Tags <h2> – <h6> you can use any amount you like.
7.The importance of the first paragraph
The first paragraph is important if you use the short form. The main output only announces to the button, read more. The first paragraph, so to speak, a summary page. That is why it is important to have the most important keywords in the first two sentences. If you use plug-in all-in-one-seo-pack it will automatically take the content from the first paragraph of 1-2 sentences and place them in the field – description.

8. Stability
Your site must be stable, so that at any time a user or a robot came, gets available content. If the reader expects some material from your site, but your site will not be available in the end he/she just search another good site on which he/she will receive the expected materials.

Also it is necessary to make sure that the links on the site, not broken. And check the integrity of files.

9. Optimized URL
Optimize the URL of your articles, you can write them by shortening. In url use words rather than numbers for the search engines to understand word by word. Typically, url containing the word are significantly higher in search engines than such as


And lastly, your site should be convenient for all as users and search engines, users should be given a convenient menu navigation, easy text to read. Avoid any pop-up windows or banners.

Well, that’s all =), Do drop your opinions in the comment box